Download raw insider transactions data following every trading day or get the 10 year history all at once

Filter columns first in the dashboard or download them as a CSV and filter later

Graph showing the Insider Transactions Tracker versus the Russell 2000 Index

Transactions are publicly available data filed in the SEC Form 4

Suppose you want to know:

  • Which regional banks with stock prices down more than 20% in the last month have experienced CEO, CFO and other top executive purchases of more than 50,000 shares? Use our Company Screening tab to find these firms, then download this week's insider transactions and filter for them.
  • The vesting information of CEO option awards? The vesting information is provided in the Footnotes. Simply add the column and download.
  • About forced transfers from insiders to creditors due to collateral requirements? Again, just add the Footnotes column and download.

Perfect for professional investors and research institutions

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Everything in Standard plus unlimited data downloads




Custom Plan

Everything in the Pro plan plus custom alerts and data to fit your needs

Customized daily alerts before market open based on your investment strategy. Alerts based on any EDGAR filing, including Form 4, 8-K, EX-2.1, 13-D, 13-F, and 13-G

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Unlike most other vendors, our data includes footnotes

Other vendors' insider transaction data is updated too infrequently and is too coarse to be useful

Our data is updated daily and is organized at the trade level to give you the most flexibility possible

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